Panthers Playoff Tickets Sell Out in 3 Minutes

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If you’re still trying to get tickets to the Panthers’ first playoff game in six years, get ready to shell out some serious bucks.  The 7,000 tickets that were available sold out in just three minutes.

The hottest ticket a few weeks ago was the Mega Millions lottery ticket.  Wednesday, it was Panthers tickets.  Fan Natalie Johnson felt like a lottery winner when she and her husband were able to snap up six of them.

“I’ve been reading everybody on the Internet didn’t get tickets, so, we got six.  So that’s cool,” she said.  They even held a countdown similar to the New Year’s Eve countdown everybody else celebrated Tuesday night.

“9:58, it’s 9:59… it’s 10 o’clock!” she said.  “And he hit refresh, and the tickets came up.”

There were many sitting at their computers, waiting for Ticketmaster to open up purchasing, but the majority were left out.  Panthers fans and players are not surprised.

“It wouldn’t surprised me, you know,” said Panthers Defensive End Charles Johnson. “I was seeing people Instagraming that they was up at like 6:30 in the morning, waiting on the ticket line.”

“It speaks very well to our fans and the support we’ve gotten all year,” said Head Coach Ron Rivera.  “I mean, they’ve been outstanding.”

Though fans might have missed out on the initial buy, tickets started selling on StubHub almost immediately.  They range from about $100, up to thousands.  And the markup has many fans planning to support the team from their couches.

“Those tickets are ridiculous”, said one.

“Me and my roommates all wanted to go,” said another, “and then we couldn’t afford it.  And, you know, especially when people are marking it up, like, hundreds of dollars, you can’t… what can you do with that?”

Natalie Johnson said she paid $60 apiece for her tickets.  For an inside look at the Cats during the bye week, tune in this Saturday night for the Panthers Huddle.  The half hour program kicks off at 10:35pm, following WCCB News @ 10.

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