Visions @ F. B. I. Headquarters / 2 of 2

On this ‘all-access,’ “behind-the-glass,” lab tour, we’ll follow-the-evidence; visit the “Feline Bureau of Investigation;” make a stop in the Firearms and Toolmarks section, to checkout Dillinger’s; Karpis’, and “Pretty Boy” Floyd’s, personal weapons-of-choice, and come face-to-muzzle with a collection of “Grease (m3 submachine) Guns.” And close our visit, whilst gazing upon the two luckiest, (for that time-being) and best-fed, (monikerless) rodents, in DC. We’re in the house that J. Edgar built…F.B.I. Headquarters. Our guides are: Margaret R. Gulotta: Unit Chief/Labratory Division, and Warren Dean Fletcher; Public Affairs/Media Liaison Specialist. Recorded: 1997 / In the Land of “Uuhhss!”