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Hungry-Hungry Hippo for Adults

Some college students have invented this new event based on a popular children's game! Read more »

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One-Way Trip MOS

There's a new reality show where people can go to Mars--the only catch is they can't return to Earth! We wanted to hear where you would like to go with a one-way ticket! Read More »

PMS Music Video

A lot of interesting videos surface from other countries---including this "PMS" Music Video. Read More »

Lady GaGa's Here to Clean!

Following her red-carpet appearance at the Oscars, many people have mocked Lady Gaga's gloves and compared them to cleaning gloves. Read More »

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Who do you think will win in Daytona?

  • Dale Jr.
  • Jimmie Johnson
  • Kyle Busch
  • Jeff Gordon
  • Kevin Harvick
  • Other
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