Edge Russell Okung First NFL Player Paid In Bitcoin

Russell Okung will receive half of his $13 million dollar salary in Bitcoin

The Panther’s Russell Okung is the first player in the NFL to get paid in Bitcoin. The 32-year-old Offensive End will receive half of his $13 million dollar salary in the cryptocurrency. Okung confirmed the news when he re-tweeted an old tweet of his saying, “Paid in Bitcoin.” The arrangement was made possible by a startup company called Zap, which acts as a middleman between employers and employees. Instead of the Panthers paying Okung is Bitcoin, they pay Zap and they convert the funds into digital currency.

Social media got wind of the news and seemed confused. Responding with comments like, “Why not 100% of the salary?” and,”Can you put Bitcoin in your 401k? I’m being serious by the way.” Okung even admitted that his wife is not fully on board with the decision.

That brings us to our Question Of The Night: How would you feel about being paid in digital currency?

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