Lauren Pogulis

Lauren joined the WFXB team in 2013 as a producer for “Not the News”, but received the opportunity to launch Fox Midday News in 2014, and Carolina AM in 2016.  Before moving to Myrtle Beach, Lauren graduated from Rutgers University, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. While at Rutgers, Lauren spent time interning with NBC Universal, including working with both the TODAY Show and Talk Stoop With Cat Greenleaf. These days you can find Lauren in segments for Carolina AM.
When she’s not working, Lauren enjoys anything outdoors.  She recently ran her first half marathon and plans on doing more.  Having moved from New York, Lauren loves everything about living at the beach.
If you have a great story or segment idea, Lauren would love to hear from you!  Email her at

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Man on the Strand: Outrage

From the news to politics to your parents, Tyler hit the streets to find out what outrages you! PLUS, it's a special surprise for Greg, as his daughter reveals something about him that outrages her!

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