Interim Spending Bill Passes to Avoid a Government Shutdown

The bill was announced after the 'Freedom Caucus' and the 'Main Street Caucus' reached a short-term agreement.

House Republicans released a temporary bill to halt the possibility of a government shutdown. The bill was announced after the ‘Freedom Caucus’ and the ‘Main Street Caucus’ reached a short-term agreement. The deal would keep the government funded through October 31st. It includes an 8 percent funding cut to domestic agencies as well as components of ‘border security legislation’ minus e-verify provisions. It is unclear if there are enough GOP votes in the House to pass the bill as Democrats are not expected to vote in favor. However, a decision is set to be voted on later this week. A resolution to avoid a government shutdown has been in the air for some time now as Republicans and Democrats debate and struggle to see eye to eye on demands to create a new debt ceiling.