Tea Bags in Sprite? Greg and Audra Test Latest TikTok Trend ‘Sprite Tea’

There's a new trend where people are putting tea bags in their Sprite. Audra mixes up a tasting for Greg.

You can pretty much count on Audra to test the latest trends…on Greg.  Today is no different.  Today we explore two trends – Sprite tea and pea guacamole.

There’s a new trend where people are putting tea bags in their sprite.  There are no big health benefits other than antioxidants from black tea but folks are doing it for the taste.  This is how to make the treat.  Open a 20-ounce bottle of sprite.  Pour about a TBSP out.  Add two tea bags, seal with the cap and turn the bottle over and let them steep in the fridge for 20 minutes. Drink from the bottle or serve with a slice of lemon.  It concept was originally posted by a restaurant in Malaysia.  You can find it under the hashtags #Sprite Tea.

People are also switching their avocado for peas to make pea guacamole.  It could be because frozen peas are cheaper and more convenient.  Most have peas in the freezer at any given time.  It eliminates the guessing waiting for avocados to ripen and you don’t have the browning issue.   Simply blend the peas in a food processor and use it in place of the avocado.  Make it as you normally would, adding spices like garlic, lime juice, and cumin.

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