What to Know About TikTok’s “Girl Dinner” Trend

t's basically taking pieces of leftovers and building a meal. Dieticians are weighing in, here's what to know.

If you’ve ever grabbed a few things from the kitchen like a few pieces of deli meat, a hunk of cheese, a few grapes and made it your meal.   You are ahead of the latest social media trend, because that kind of eating is now called “girl dinner.”  It’s basically taking pieces of leftover stuff to build a balanced meal.  Single folks or moms with a night off find it easier than cooking or ordering.  It’s become quite the trend so dieticians are weighing.  It’s a good way to reduce waste and mix and match foods but the concern comes when it becomes part of your weekly routine, a restrictive tendency, or a meal full of heavily packaged and processed foods.   It comes down to nutritional value of what’s on the plate.   Most should aim to eat about 2-thousand calories a day, with 500 to 700 of that at dinner.