Three Tips for Perfectly Potted Plants

Here's some advice involving large planters.

Make sure your pot will hold all the plants you have. Simply place them in bottom…as a way of making a layout plan. Then remove them and set aside. Turn over your pot and make drainage holes. Some pots come with them…for those that don’t you may need to drill your own in the bottom. Drainage is crucial so your plant’s roots don’t stand in water leading to root rot.

Adding filler helps improve soil drainage and improves healthy roots. gather things like twigs and other natural materials and place in the bottom. Placing cardboard on top of the sticks will further aid in drainage and boosts nutrient levels. Now…add your soil! Leave head space for your flowers. Empty most of the bag, reserving a 1/4 of the bag for the final step.

Remove your plants from the containers. You’re going to use them for placement. Place the containers where you want your plants. Then add the remaining soil, enough to cover the containers. Water and let it sit for awhile, then carefully remove the containers. Replacing each with it’s corresponding plant. Then give it another watering.