Philadelphia Shooter Suspect Killed One Victim Days Prior To Incident

A 911 call was incorrectly logged to the wrong address on reports of a shooting that left one person dead.

Police revealed one of the five victims who was killed in a Philadelphia shooting was actually murdered nearly two days prior.

Joseph Wamah Jr. was initially reported as being gunned down inside a house on July 3rd, but additional evidence has shown a 911 call on July 2nd which revealed reports of gunshots in the area of 1600 South 56th Street. However, the 911 call was incorrectly logged as the 1600 block of North 56th Street instead so when police arrived at the wrong address they found nothing wrong.

Wamah was the victim whose life was lost in the original shooting on July 2nd. Kimbrady Carriker then killed the other four victims and injured two others including a 2-year-old on July 3rd. He was arrested and claimed he was addressing the city’s gun violence crisis. Carriker was arraigned on five counts of murder, attempted murder, along with other charges.