If You Like Sour Patch Kids, You’re Gonna Love These Healthy Sour Candy Frozen Grapes!

Greg and Audra make sour candy frozen grapes using Monk Fruit sweetener and lime juice!

The summer time has a way of bringing out the kid in us.  As a kid, who didn’t love the Sour Patch Kids!   Now that we’re all grown up we can still enjoy those flavors in a healthier way thanks to recipe sharing via social media.   Today Greg and Audra are making candied frozen sour grapes.   It delivers the sweet sour punch just like our favorite childhood candies.  All you need are green grapes, lime juice and Monk Fruit sweetener (0 carbs and 0 calories.)  If you like it super tart add a few True Lime packets.  Wash and dry grapes. put them in a large bowl with the lime juice.  Let the juices absorb for about 10 minutes.  Roll each grape into the Monk Fruit.   Transfer to parchment paper and freeze 2-3 hours.  Enjoy!