Memorial Day Weekend: Tips And Things To Note

The city of Myrtle Beach has put many rules and regulations into effect for this weekend with intentions to keep locals and visitors safe.

It’s the unofficial start to summer in the South, Memorial Day Weekend is here and these are some tips and things to note.

During the holiday weekend, traffic from 29th Avenue North to 29th Avenue South on Ocean Boulevard will be one-way heading South while the Northbound lane will be reserved for emergency vehicles.

Officials have also banned the use of golf carts and other low-speed vehicles from 29th Avenue North to the South end of the city limits though Monday morning.

Mopeds are also banned during certain time windows including, from Friday 8 p.m. to Saturday 8a.m., Saturday 8p.m. to Sunday 8a.m., and on Sunday the ban will start at 8p.m. and last until traffic control devices are removed on Monday.

Throughout the weekend, the city is enforcing a juvenile curfew, those 17 and under are required to be off the streets between midnight and 6a.m.. Penalties can range from a $500 fine or 30 days in jail. Parents can be charged as well.

Exceptions come with the juvenile curfew including, if they are with a parent or guardian, going to or coming from work, and several more. To view the full list of exceptions visit COMB.

Beginning on Monday, only circular umbrellas measuring up to 7.5 feet in diameter will be allowed on the beach on or behind the set umbrella line. However, Infant umbrellas measuring 4x3x3 are still allowed. This rule will remain enforced through Labor Day.

Fireworks are banned from the beach and all other public property in city limits with a $250 fine for violators.

To view more details on the rules and regulations regarding umbrellas or tents on the beach visit this section of COMB. To view the overall set rules for the holiday weekend visit COMB.