‘Little MYR-Maid’ Event To Be Hosted At Myrtle Beach Resort

The resort is located at 415 South Ocean Boulevard. 

Westgate Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort is hosting an event to celebrate the release of the new ‘Little Mermaid live-action’ movie.

Below are all the activities and times that each festivity event is scheduled for:

10am: Beach Scavenger Hunt
Kids will be on the search for colored shells hidden in the sand for a chance to visit a treasure chest full of prizes.

11am: Seashell Painting
Visit the Swash Bar if you want to paint some shells while you listen to beach themed music and the sounds of the ocean waves crashing.

12pm: Pool Party
There will be options of marine life floaties, music, and games!

2pm: Mermaid Meet & Greet
A Mermaid will be ready to meet all guests and take photos.

3pm: Mermaid or Pirate Photoshoot
You can dress up as a mermaid or a pirate on the beach and get a polaroid print to capture the costumes.

5pm: Under the Sea Crafts
Some of the crafts that will be available to create are fish in slime, sand art, a mermaid wand, a magic shell & pearl necklaces.

6:30pm: Disney Karaoke
Participants can head back to the Swash Bar for some pre-movie Disney music karaoke.

7:30pm: The Little Mermaid Viewing
Guests are invited to come out for the viewing of the original ‘Little Mermaid’ film along with snacks and beverages.

The resort is located at 415 South Ocean Boulevard.