Passengers Pay Tribute to World War Two Vet with Impromptu “God Bless America”

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Giving back comes in all forms. It takes everyone doing their part to make our communities thrive.  We love examples like this.  We happened upon this Facebook post from the Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach.  They were just saying thanks Dustin and his crew from Reynolds Landscaping for donating their services to keep their grounds looking nice.

Did you see this on Facebook!  Horry County Fire and Rescue answer the call of duty to find some little fellas that needed help.  These little ducklings had fallen into a storm drain in Little River. Station 18 was dispatched and carefully removed the baby ducks and took them to a nearby pond where they are doing fine.  No matter the call, no matter the subjects in need, Horry County Fire and Rescue is there to serve.

Passengers at at an airport in California paid tribute to a 100-year-old world war two vet.  Steven Herrick captured the video of passengers singing “God Bless America.”  A Southwest employee announce to other passengers that a “special VIP” named Anthony was going to be on the plane.

Passengers at a Florida airport witnessed what they call the luggage angel during a busy travel week.  A teacher was searching for lost luggage in what seemed like a never ending cycle when she decided to be a helper. While searching for hers, if a luggage tag had a number, she sent a text.   She was such a help, people thought she worked for the airport! in all she sent out 80 texts letting travelers know where to find their bags!