Study Reveals Why Clowns Creep Some People Out

On average, 54%of people are scared of them at least a little bit.

Here’s your word of the day:  “Coulrophobia” is the fear of CLOWNS and a new study found over half of us have it to some degree.  1,000 people of all ages were polled, and 54% said they’re scared of them at least a little bit.  That includes 5% who said “extremely afraid.”  So why are clowns so scary?  To find out, they asked that 54% group a bunch of follow-up questions.  Here reasons….”Hidden emotional signals.” Meaning their make-up makes them impossible to read. So you can’t tell if they’re happy, angry or about to murder you. Negative portrayals in the media. Things like the movie “It” have taught us to be afraid of them. Their behavior is unpredictable, and that makes us nervous. Their exaggerated facial features make them seem threatening.