A Four Story Parking Garage Collapsed In New York

At least one person died and five others were injured in the structural collapse that lasted 10 seconds.

On Tuesday, a parking garage collapsed in New York leaving one person dead and five others injured.

The structure was four stories that fell all the way to the cellar floor.

The New York Fire Department was forced to use robotic dogs and drones to search the building for people within the structure due to it being ‘completely unstable’ and risky for responders to enter.

There were many cars piled on each other and some were completely crushed as officials prepared to search for victims under the rubble and trapped in cars.

At least one worker was trapped on an upper level floor, though he was conscious and alert, he could not get to the lower floor. Crews were able to rescue him by getting him to the roof of a nearby building.

The collapse lasted for 10 seconds. Officials believe it to be a structural collapse and no criminal activity was involved.