‘Sound Bathing’ Health Trend Is Not What You May Think

Audra and Greg explore two bathing trends that have nothing to do with water but everything to do with mental cleansing.

Bathing is a buzzing health word these day. You’ve got salt baths and ice baths, now two other “baths” have popped up on our trend radar this month.  Neither technically require submersion into water.   Audra Grant looks into two health trends today on Carolina A.M.

Sound baths are not what you may first think of.  Sound bathing is a meditative practice involving the use of resonant music using singing bowls that you can find in music stores these days.   The tapping of the bowl creates immersive sounds that fills the room and flow into the body.  They are used in a meditative way to help people relax and let go of stress and anxiety.  Yoga studios incorporate the bowls into practice as well. Those who do it report feeling deeply relaxed after sound baths, which may have health benefits.

Forest bathing.  some call it a fitness trend or a mindfulness practice but the concept is not new to those who grew up playing outside or enjoy nature walks.  Technically though, it means “taking in the forest.” Researchers began studying the physiological benefits of forest bathing in 1990 and found that time spent in nature is good for us.  It can be as simple as walking in any natural environment and consciously connecting with what’s around you.   National Geographic mentions a few guided meditative excursions offered across the country.  Click here for the National Geographic article and information on the trails.

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