Pounds Of Drugs Discovered On Passenger Bus

A traffic stop was conducted and led the officers to find concerning amounts of drugs with high street value.

A traffic stop in Florence County led to the discovery of an abundance of drugs.

On Sunday, the Florence County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop on a passenger bus along West Lucas Street.

After communicating with the driver, deputies instructed their narcotic detecting K9 to air sniff around the perimeter of the bus.

The K9 picked up a scent from the lower baggage compartment. Deputies searched the compartment and found a bag with 8 brick-shaped packages containing an estimated amount of 20.3 pounds of cocaine. The street value is approximately $600 thousand.

Each passenger aboard the bus was interviewed by police but no one claimed ownership of the bag.

No arrests have been made at this time but the drugs were seized by deputies and an investigation has been opened.