5 Social Etiquette Rules to Know Today

What is the latest acceptable time you can cancel plans with someone? Plus 4 other rules to know for 2023.

You’ve been in social situations where you wanted to do the right thing, but found yourself wondering what was the right thing?  Times change and so have some of the rules.  A writer The Cut (New York) researched and came to a general consensus of the new rules of etiquette for 2023.

Canceling plans. you can cancel plans up to 12 p.m.  This gives ample time for your friend to text around.   This does not apply if someone is cooking for you.  In that situation, you have to tell them the night before.

Split the check for group dinners.   Slit the bill evenly and put it on a card.   The worst part of a dinner party figuring out who got what.  Slitting it is easiest.  If you ordered more drinks, then make up for it in the tip.

It’s ok to text, email or DM anyone at any hour.   Emails are kind of a no-brainer, but you never know about texts.   For those who don’t want to receive notifications during a certain time, such as sleep can use the notification silencer feature on phones.

When you’ve met someone and they clearly don’t remember your name, say this.  “Hi,we’ve met, I’m x.”  It’s the perfect middle ground.

If someone starts telling you a story you’ve heard before, you have two seconds to tell them.   Say it this way, “That was hilarious or unbelievable, you’ve told me.”   If you’re in a large group and it happens, you have to listen, period.