Rid Fruit Flies Once and for All with This Tip

We share your tricks of the trade each week.  Have a tip to share?  Email us: agrant@wfxb.com  

We share your tricks of the trade each week.  Have a tip to share?  Email us!  agrant@wfxb.com

There’s a hack for just about anything. you probably have one that you do without calling it a trick-of-the-trade, Sharing it could just make someone’s life a little easier.  For your this week’s tips, we dig into our viewer emails.  First up, those pesky fruit flies!  We’ve shared devices that take care of them and a viewer may have a homemade solution that may be the end all.  Laura Moyse shares that she all you need is a dawn and a swig of merlot.  She says to get rid of fruit flies get a small bowl, pour some red wine into the bowl and a few drops of dawn detergent! We Wikihow’d it and she seems to be onto something!

We heard from several of you about a paper towel hack that was attempted right here on the show last week.   Audra gave the tip and B.J. (Kinard) had to pull it off.   To recap, the tip was to conserve your paper towels by cutting the roll in half.  The directions said to use a non-serrated knife.  It was either Audra’s lack-luster knife, the heavy duty thickness of her towels or, could it have been a lack of muscle?  We know that’s not the case because B.J. has been working out!  A viewer wrote after watching the escapades unfold.  Sam Durham was exhausted watching the struggle.  He says even though the directions say use a non-serrated knife, you need the serrated for the saw blade.  He claims he got the job done in two minutes.

Remember the Vaseline hack!  In case you forgot, it’s a simple tip of simply applying petroleum jelly around the cuticle and skin of your nail before painting.  It keeps the polish where it belongs and makes it easy to remove if you color outside the lines.  Folks at Vaseline saw our clip and added a two more tips to use with the petroleum jelly! It also works great to protect your face when coloring your hair, it blocks the color from seeping into your skin.  It also makes a great makeup remover that leaves skin feeling moisturized.