The Ice Cube Beauty Trend – Can You Really Freeze Wrinkles?

The ice cube beauty hack is everywhere. But does it work? Audra gets BJ to test it out live on Carolina A.M.

The ice cube beauty hack is everywhere. Using ice to freeze away inflammation and minimize fine lines.  It’s so simple one might immediately think there’s no way it works.  It costs nothing to try! You may be surprised to know dermatologists say it does work, to a point.   It involves rubbing a ice cube on your face until it melts away.   The icing constricts blood vessels and soothes.   It visibly reduces tiredness, improves blood flow, depuffs under the eyes and can help acne.   You can optimize by freezing ingredients such as cucumbers, honey, lemon into ice trays to give your skin a boost.  To try the ice cube hack, wrap it a thin wash cloth, or paper towel.  Glide ice over face left to right, or in circular motions.  It shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.   It can be done twice a day.

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