Rescuers Attempt To Locate Survivors Under Debris During Freezing Temperatures

An earthquake with a 7.8 magnitude struck Turkey and Syria. The death toll rises over 11,000 as the search for survivors continues. Freezing temperatures across the region make situations more difficult for rescuers as well as makes it harder for people to survive.

On Tuesday, NATO’s flags were flying at half mast in honor of those who lost their lives after the powerful earthquake struck Turkey and Syria.

The natural disaster shook the region with a 7.8 magnitude.

As the search for survivors continues, the death toll rises. Over 11,000 people have died and tens of thousands left injured as a result of the earthquake.

A numerous amount of infrastructures collapsed, debris covers the streets, and the amount of damage is still making it difficult for rescuers to locate survivors.

The region is experiencing freezing weather conditions that further put the lives of survivors at risk and also contributes to making it complicated for rescue efforts to reach success.

This earthquake was the biggest one that has hit the region in a century.