How to Find and Solve Common Issues with Your Remote Control

Greg and Audra tackle remote control frustrations: how to keep track of your remote and a reset trick from the tech guys on YouTube!

In today’s Thursday Tips, we’re tackling a major household frustration – the number one most lost item in the house, the remote control.  if you’ve ever lost yours then you know how frustrating it is to waste precious time looking for it.  Your TV can locate some remotes.   The newer Rokus have a “lost remote finder.”  Go to your TV settings – remotes and devices, select remotes, then select your remote.  Some have a physical lost remote finder button.   Check your manuals to see what your TV can do.  You can download a remote to your phone. Many of the apps allow you to operate them from your phone. Roku and Apple give you that option when first installing.   There are other apps such as the universal remote.   Android and iPhone users have various options.  The main requirement is for your phone to be on the same Wi-Fi as your smart TV.  If you want to stick with the physical remote, you can always just put a tile on it.  It saves frustration.  The Tile system is popular for finding keys, wallets, luggage.  It comes in sticker packs of 2.   Just stick one on your remote, open your Tile app, press find and let hide and seek begin!   It will make a sound, similar to pinging your phone.  Apple also makes tags that work same way.  And finally, here’s a quick fix for the remote when it’s working properly.  If your keeps getting hung up or stuck, even after a battery change, it may need a reset.  Hold your power button for a minute. then release. This does it most of the time.  The World of Tech guys on YouTube say this trick solves 60% of remote issues.  It’s called the power button reset. Remove the batteries and try holding the power button for 60 seconds.   Then press all the keys on the remote.   Replace the batteries.  You may need to repeat the process again and this time give it a little shake.  Yep, the age ol’ smack it trick helps clear out the “electric discharge.”