Simple Stretches and Exercises that Can Combat Arthritis

Any stiffness could be the beginning of arthritis.

When you think of arthritis…you may think that’s for the aging but, it’s important to know that it’s an ageless disease. Any stiffness could be the beginning of arthritis. Gamers, texters, those who spend a lot of time at a desk, and in the car can incorporate these stretches into your daily routine.

Start with the thumb stretch. Hold your hand in front of your face, palm facing you. Keep your fingers still, move your thumb across your palm and try to touch the base of your pinkie. This improves flex and range of motion. With fingertips pointing up…keep fingers straight and close together.

This stretch can help maintain flexibility. Hold one hand in front of you, palms facing, then spread fingers as far apart as you can. Then close your hand to make a fist and hold for a few seconds. Repeat with opposite hand.

If you are at risk for carpal tunnel…maybe you’re on the computer alot…you should learn this stretch. Bring your palms together in prayer position, elbows out, chest height. Lower hands slightly above waist, hold. Then place your hands so the backs of them touch, palms out, fingers pointing down and hold.

If your shoulders feel tight, that can lead to all sorts of problems. Try lifting your right arm up and bend your right elbow behind your head toward your shoulder blades. With your left hand, grab your right elbow and pull it gently toward the center of your back. Switch arms and repeat.