Nutrition Myths Experts Wish Would Go Away

From fruit to veggies and eveything in between!

“The New York Times” talked to leading health experts, and asked them to name the top nutrition myths they wish would dissapear.

The first is that fresh fruit is healthier than frozen.  Sometimes the canned stuff has added sugar.  But in general, canned, frozen, and dried fruit have all the same nutrients as fresh fruit.  And it’s cheaper.

The second is that Plant-based milk is way healthier than cow’s milk.  It does have fewer calories and less fat.  But cow’s milk has more than twice the protein.  Some of the plant-based versions also have added salt and sugar, so be careful.

How about this…Never give a toddler peanuts.  We used to think eating them too early in life gave kids allergies.  But now experts think it’s the exact opposite.  Feeding them stuff with peanuts in it might actually help them avoid allergies.

Another one is that It’s really hard for vegetarians to get enough protein.  As long as you eat a mix of veggies, it’s easier than most people think.  Nuts, grains, and beans have lots of protein.

Finally, that basic nutritional advice changes constantly.  They say that basic advice hasn’t actually changed much since the 1950s.  Don’t eat too much, and try to eat more plants than meat.