Easy Things to Add to Your Coffee for a Healthy Boost

Simple things you can add to your java for some serious health benefits.

However you take your coffee…decaf, regular, one or two sugars…there are some simple things you can add to your java for some serious health benefits. One of the easiest things to add is collagen protein. wWe’ve talked about this one a few times on the show. It can improve hair, skin, nails and is a good way to get more protein in your diet. You barely even know it’s there…it’s dissolvable and tasteless unless you opt for flavored.

If you like vanilla flavoring, you’ll be delighted to know this…vanilla extract is packed with anti-inflammoatory effects and doses of magnesium and potassium. But, make sure it’s nautral vanilla extract, you won’t get the benefits from the imitation. A capful over time will delivery serious benefits and you can always scrape fresh vanilla bean into your coffee as well.

Coffee is the perfect opportunity to add a little healthy fat. Go for a little pat of butter. Ghee has the most antioxidants and omega-3s. Or, a little coconut oil which has MCT oil. healthy fats keep your energy levels stable, and help balance your sugar to lessen the spikes and crashes…especially if you take your coffee sweet. Start small especially with coconut oil…for your first time, a pea size will do. Always ask your doctor or pharmacist before trying anything new though.