‘Slowpoke Bill’ Could See An Increase In Consequence Fine

The "Slowpoke bill" that was first passed in 2021 and aims to keep traffic moving at a fair pace.

Slow drivers could face consequences in South Carolina.

Travelers who drive slow in the left lane and don’t move over can currently be fined $25 according to the “Slowpoke bill” that was first passed in 2021.

Last year, state troopers gave out nearly 500 tickets. The law requires drivers in the left lane to move over if a car comes up behind them as long as the right lane is clear.

The fine is not a criminal penalty and does not take points away from a driving record. However, it was decided slow drivers are prone to cause problems, so the bill was put into place to avoid bigger issues.

If approved, the fine would increase up to $100.

The Senate Subcommittee has advanced the increase and the bill is now heading to the Senate Transportation Committee for the next step.