Never Forget Your Anniversary with This Ring that Heats Things Up to Remind You of the Upcoming Date!

You can put a ring with a reminder on it for $760!

During one of our morning chats recently, Greg and Audra were talking about forgetting important dates like anniversaries and Valentine’s day.   A viewer picked up on the subject sent Audra an email offering up a remedy!   This is to help all those who forget anniversaries. It’s the Remember Ring.   It’s a ring that reminds you when an important date is approaching like your anniversary. Here’s how it works.  Specify your anniversary date when you order, and the company programs your ring for you.   Then, 24 hours before the big day, the hotspot on the ring will heat up to 120 degrees for approximately 10 seconds, and will continue to do so every hour, on the hour, all day long.  If you still forget, you deserve to be in the hot seat!  Plus not to worry about a battery letting you down as the ring converts the heat from your hand into electricity, keeping the battery charged and microchip clock running.   There’s a hefty price to pay for this reminder.  It retails for $760.  We found two retailers online who carry it.