The FTC Alleged Chegg Of Exposing Millions Of Student’s Data

The FTC said Chegg did not use proper safeguards.

The Federal Trade Commission has announced accusations that the education tech company, Chegg, is exposing student data.

Chegg is an educational technology provider that sells and rents out text books, as well as reveals homework and test answers to students.

The FTC alleged that Chegg has compromised personal data since 2017. The company supposedly exposed sensitive information for nearly 40 million customers since 2018 after a former contractor used their log-in to access a third-party database.

The info released consisted of names, email addresses, passwords, religion, sexual orientation, even parents’ income ranges. That data has been offered for sale through the online black market.

Chegg is also accused of exposing employee information such as social security numbers and medical data. The FTC said Chegg did not use proper safeguards.

Chegg has agreed to honor a proposed order to make amends and provide a stronger lock down on security.