Discussion Held on Opioid Outbreak in Georgetown County

Opioid overdoses have been confirmed to be the main cause of death recently in Georgetown County.

A forum was held in Pawleys Island to address the outbreak. Coroner, Chase Ridgeway, stated that after 30 deaths, he discovered 22 of them contained traces of fetanyl in their system.

Sheriff, Carter Weaver, explained evidence to the growth of the issue. He presented the amount of opioid overdoses his office has handled over the past 6 years. During 2016-2021, the number of overdoses jumped from 88 to 169. Weaver shared that part of the solution could be to provide more treatment facilities and present greater consequences for drug distributors.

The discussion regarding the opioid outbreak will continue during another forum set for 6:30p.m tonight at the First Baptist Church of Georgetown.