Vin Diesel Named the Hottest Bald Man of 2022

Stanley Tucci finished second, followed by Shemar Moore.

A “search engine optimization” company called Reboot looked at a bunch of different factors, including the infamous “Golden Ratio”, an equation that supposedly measures facial beauty and perfection.  They also calculated net worth, height, and how often each guy was described as hot on Twitter.  They also factored in cranial shine factor. For instance, Vin’s head has a cranial luminance of 563.65 candelas per square meter.  That means his head “reflects light with 70.46% of the luminous intensity of a standard lightbulb.” Based on the various criteria, they gave everyone a score out of 10.

1.  Vin Diesel,  6.46

2.  Stanley Tucci,  6.33

3.  Shemar Moore,  6.25

4.  Pitbull,  6.16

5.  Prince William,  6.13

6.  Jason Statham,  5.96

7.  Bruce Willis,  4.75

8.  Joe Rogan,  4.37

9.  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson,  3.62

10.  Mike Tyson,  2.50