3 Ways to Show Appreciation During Dinner Tonight

Audra shares how mealtime is a perfect opportunity to honor someone in your life.

There are a few national days this week that involve making time and showing appreciation to those you love and care about.   There’s a take your parent to lunch day, even a national day of doing something sweet, so Audra combines them into one celebration and shows how to bring your appreciation to the table in 3 simple steps.

Meal time is a perfect opportunity to honor someone, whether a parent, child or friend.   It’s not about what you serve but how.    Do these 3 things ahead of time and your efforts will go a long ways.

  1. Set the stage with your table.   Have your plate and utensils ready.
  2. Prepare a note beforehand to your guest and leave it by their plate.  Just a couple sentences on something you appreciate about them.
  3. Prepare to listen.  Begin the conversation by asking your guest something about him/her such their favorite time of the day or their favorite season.  Or simply ask them about their day.  Don’t plan your response.  Just listen.