What The City Plans To Do With Land Of 2 S.C. Campgrounds

Two Myrtle Beach campgrounds may finally own their own land. The city of Myrtle Beach owns 143 acres inside Lakewood Camping Resort and PirateLand Family Camping Resort. The city has leased the property to the campgrounds for years. Through an agreement, the city would receive 25% of the revenue from the lease while Horry County would receive 75% which would go to the Myrtle Beach International Airport. In December 2020, the Myrtle Beach city council voted to sell the properties to the campgrounds for a combined $60 million. Horry County argued the sale price is below fair market value and objected to the city’s plan to keep all the money from the sale. Horry County filed a lawsuit but it was dismissed. Now, the city is planning to proceed with the sale of the land.