How Do You Catch a 45-Pound Lobster?

It's Fish Fact Friday with Ripley's Aquarium on Carolina A.M. 

TGIF!  It’s Fish Fact Friday with Ripley’s Aquarium on Carolina A.M.  Greg Rowles quizzes Audra Grant with a fish fact.  The answer prompts another question.  Who’s up for lobstering?  Plus, the penguins at Ripley’s put on quite a show today.  Click here Ripley’s Penguin Playhouse Cam.

Looking for adventure?  Head out to Ripley’s Aquarium on 1110 Celebrity Circle in Myrtle Beach this weekend!

Fish Fact:  What is the heaviest American Lobster recorded? Did you know the record weight for an American lobster is 45 pounds!  It was caught in 1977 and believed to be 100 years old!