Researcher Shares How Playing Video Games Builds Focus and Resiliency

Researcher Susan McDonigal found that gaming develops strengths that transfer into all areas of life.

Here’s something parents can feel better about – kids playing video games.   A researcher found that playing the games helps develop strengths that transfers into other areas their lives.  Think about it.  On their down time, they are spending many hours intentionally doing something that is challenging, learning and building from failure, persevering,  asking  for help, and achieving new goals.  That all develops a mindset that transfers into other areas of their lives, says researcher Susan McDonigal.   McDonigal writes about this in her book, “Unimaginable: How to See the Future Coming and Feel Ready for Anything,” and also developed a video game that helped her recover from a traumatic brain injury.  Want to know more?  We found the story on this July 12, 2022 episode of ‘The goop’ podcast.