Preliminary Report On Co-Pilot Death in North Carolina Released

A preliminary report by the NTSB says a co-pilot who fell to his death after exiting an aircraft mid-flight in North Carolina may have been ‘sick’ and was ‘visibly upset’ before his exit. According to the FAA, two people, a pilot-in-charge and a second-in-charge were on the flight when it departed the Rayford-West Airport but only one person was on the plane when it landed. According to police, the body of 23 year old Charles Crooks was discovered hours later in the backyard of a home in Fuquay-Varina. The plane was being operated as a skydiving flight and had already flown two skydiving runs and was on the way to pick up a third group. The plane made an emergency landing at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport and had substantial damage to the landing gear lifts and the airframe structure. It has been retained for further examination and the incident is still under investigation.