Paying it Forward with BBQ, Lemonade and a Drive-By Parade…These are Our Carolina Kindness Stories!

Each Wednesday we share stories of kindness across the world to our backyards.

Each Wednesday we share stories of kindness across the world to our backyards. We’ve partnered with Maguire Law Firm to bring you Carolina Kindness. We begin with “healing in the form of barbeque.” A U.S. Army veteran, Jason Wilson has been going viral for his company “Meat Therapy BBQ“. It’s based in Texas and Wilson started it as a way to serve others which he says is what helped him transition from military life back to civilian living. The vet says his love for cooking is helping him reconnect with people. He supports “Boot Campaign“, a non-profit that helps veterans and families once their service is done.

From Texas to Wisconsin…a man did something sweet for his 90 year old father. Dave Larson paid it forward to his dad Orville, who’s in hospice and a big fan of vintage cars. So, Dave got on Facebook to see if people would be willing to do a drive-by parade. He was hoping for 20 cars and motorcycles and instead, 400 showed up! Orville even got to hop in a motorcycle side-car and go for a spin.

For over a decade, kids in Peoria, Illinois have been hosting a lemonade stand for one weekend a summer to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The first time they did it, they raised $220. But, they just had their best year ever…this time, they raised more than $3,500. About a dozen children from one neighborhood gather to sell the tasty beverage along with other treats for one weekend. Their parents agree that seeing the kids want to be better for themselves while also so something so selfless is humbling and heartwarming.

We invite you to do something kind today, whether it’s an act of service or just a kind word, your one deed has the potential to change lives. We also invite you to share your story with us. Email it to Then join us Wednesday mornings for Carolina Kindness sponsored by Maguire Law Firm.