House Select Committee Issues Additional Subpoena Against Former Trump Official

An additional person in former President Trump’s circle has been subpoenaed in the federal criminal probe of the January 6th attack. Former Deputy Counsel to Trump, Patrick Philbin was subpoenaed for testimony and documents. Philbin worked in the White House Counsel’s Office under Pat Cipollone who was also served a subpoena. Philbin and Cipollone were both key witnesses to Trump’s actions in the last days of his presidency and executive privilege could play a role in Philbin’s testimony. Cipollone repeatedly pushed back on efforts to overturn the election and he and Philbin opposed a proposal to replace the attorney general with someone willing to look into false claims of election fraud. Both men indicated that they would resign should such a plan be executed. Philbin already testified before the House Select Committee earlier this year and during Cipollone’s testimony he told investigators that on the day of the riots he was joined by a number of Trump’s top advisers including Philbin and pushed Trump to issue a strong condemnation of the attack.