Myrtle Beach Communities Team Up for a “Make-a-Wish” Send Off!

The HCPD and Myrtle Beach International Airport help with with big send off!

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The HCPD Community Outreach/Motor Unit and Myrtle Beach International Airport Team had the opportunity to host a send-off for Allie.
She is headed to Alaska to see sled dogs and ride an Alaskan train as part of a Make-A-Wish South Carolina trip that was delayed quite a while due to COVID-19.
Our other Carolina Kindness stories this week:
A 27-year-old guy in Arizona grew out his hair for two years, all so he could turn it into a wig and donate it to his mom.  She’s been dealing with a benign brain tumor for years, and has to have regular radiation treatments.
A police officer in Tennessee named Lance Hofmeister helped an 84-year-old woman get to her hair appointment.  Her saw her walking alone along the highway with her walker, and decided to check on her. She said she had taken a bus, and was trying to make it to a hair appointment, which was still a MILE up the road.  He offered to give her a lift, and they chatted along the way.  She got to the appointment in time to get her perm, and video of the cop’s good deed went viral on TikTok.

America’s longest-serving mailman just celebrated 70 YEARS on the job.  His name is Johnnie Bell, and he’s worked in Oklahoma City his whole career.  He’s in his early 90s now.  And when he started in the 1950s, he made $1.81 an hour.  He still sorts and delivers mail and could retire whenever he wants.  But at his party on Friday, he said he sticks around because he still enjoys the work.