San Francisco, New York Declare Health Emergencies Against Monkeypox

While Monkeypox isn’t officially a nationwide public health emergency, San Francisco and New York have declared their own emergencies against the virus. San Francisco was the first major U.S. city to declare a local health emergency on Monkeypox in an effort to strengthen the city’s preparedness and response amid high demand for the vaccine. The declaration will go into effect on Monday and will allow city departments to mobilize and coordinate their plans more effectively. It will also allow for future reimbursement by state and federal governments. According to the San Francisco Department of Public Health, there have been 261 confirmed cases of Monkeypox in the city with 799 cases total in California. In New York, the declaration of imminent threat to public heath was given, which means that local health departments in the state will be able to access additional state reimbursements after federal and state funding sources are maxed out. New York has 1,247 probably or confirmed cases according to the CDC.