Man Rescues 5 in House Fire, Jumps from the Window with 6-Year-Old

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A 25-year-old is being hailed a hero after saving 5 people from a house fire.  A house in Lafayette, Indiana caught fire in the middle of the night last week.  Nicholas Bostic saved 5 people (4 kids and an 18-year-old).  He was driving home from work when he saw the flames. So he pulled over, called 911, ran inside to wake everyone up and got four of them out.   He discovered a six-year-old girl was still inside.   So he ran back in found her upstairs and held onto her while he jumped out a second-story window.   Everyone who was inside is okay Nick ended up with some burns and a deep cut on his forearm, but he says he’ll be fine.   Folks have donated over $50,000 to cover his medical bills.

Our other kindness stories:

Remember Jacob Beisecker, the Hartsville, SC native we’ve had on our show that started a nonprofit that is helping provide off -road action track wheelchairs across the state.   The national show “Morning in America” recently reached out to him.  Now his story has spread beyond the Carolinas.    After becoming a paraplegic, the action-track wheelchair helped him get back to life. now he’s helping others have that same opportunity.   His goal is to get one in every state park. the first one has just been delivered to Huntington Beach State Park!

A dog in Texas finally has a forever home after waiting 10 years to be adopted.  Kellie Blassinggame adopted a pit-bull mix named Jill from the shelter where the dog has spend most of its life until its freedom day, July 4.   Kellie said she was drawn to the dog and added the the dog’s breed (pit mix) often prevents it from being adopted, and older dogs tend to be overlooked.   She has posted on social media the journey of their new life together! Congrats Kellie (and Jill) on a forever friendship!