Trooper Responds to Injured Dog on I-75 with This Remarkable Kindness that Goes Viral

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We’ve partnered with the Maguire Law Firm to bring you Carolina Kindness stories each Wednesday.   Have a story to share with us?  Email us at 

Our top kindness story this week:  A concerned citizen and a state trooper go out of their way to help an injured dog.  A woman traveling on I-75 flagged down a state trooper after she spotted a dog in bad shape.  That trooper was Pumpy Tudor.   He didn’t hesitate to help. when on the scene, he dumped out his jug of Kool-Aid and cut a water bowl for the dog and gave the dog a snack.   He then retrieved an umbrella to shield the dog from the heat. the dog made it to the vet, and had to have surgery to repair a fractured pelvis.   After the surgery Trooper Tudor visited the dog and it recognized the man who saved his life.   The best part of the story the dog found his forever home with the Trooper!

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