Uvalde Investigative Report Expected to be Released Within the Next 10 Days

According to sources, the Texas House Investigative Committee’s preliminary report into the shooting at Robb Elementary School could be released within the next 10 days. With that news being announced, Representative Dusty Burrows, the chairman of the committee is pushing for the report to include the critical 77-minutes of ‘hallway’ surveillance video but not for the release of video showing victims or footage of the violence. Burrows is prohibited from releasing the video himself because he signed a non-disclosure agreement according to a Tweet he sent on Friday but attached to the Tweet were two letters- one asking the Texas Department of Public Safety for permission to release the video to the public and the other being a response from DPS saying that the agency agrees that the video will bring ‘clarity to the public regarding the tragic events in Uvalde’ but that the district attorney has ‘objected to releasing the video.’