‘Monotasking’: The New Way of Getting Things Done

It's a productivity method of dedicating yourself to one task until it is complete.

Listen up, multitaskers, and try to focus!  Trying to do it all at once may seem productive at the time but it’s not the bee’s knees. There’s a new method in town.  It’s called monotasking and it’s dedicating yourself to one task until it is complete or until a set time has completed. It comes with benefits. 1.) This method saves time as you loose time bouncing back and forth between tasks.  On average it takes 23 minutes to refocus.   2.) Staying with something to completion helps you build a better brain. A Stanford study recently showed memory and attention spans are more robust when we practice monotasking.  Our constant state of busyness and attempted multi-tasking have caused these monotasking muscles to atrophy.