Graduating Seniors Surprise The School Janitor with a Truck

This is one of our Carolina Kindness stories, sponsored by The Maguire Law Firm.

Each Wednesday we bring you stories of good around from around the world including the good in our own backyards.  We’ve partnered with the Maguire Law Firm for Carolina Kindness.

Graduating seniors leave a memorable gift to the school’s janitor, “Mr. Joe.”  They say Mr. Joe made such an impact on them, they wanted to do something for him.  So they collected enough money to buy him a truck and surprised him.  Now Mr. Joe doesn’t have to walk to work everyday.

Our other Carolina Kindness stories are:

Firefighters and paramedics  opening their doors to four-legged friends in an attempt to boost morale among staff and find fur-ever homes for pooches. The program is called Station Doggie Dates and enables crews to host an adoptable dog in their station during a shift.  It’s a win win for the pooches and the station.

A couple in L.A. did some spring cleaning, and had a bunch of extra garbage that needed picking up.  So they left cold drinks at the end of their driveway to thank their trash guys.  Now a video of it is going viral.

James and Clarrisa Munford discovered a literal treasure in a home they had just purchased and closed on when they discovered 50 gold and silver coins inside a built-in drawer.  Legally, the coins, valued at $15,000, were now their property, but they chose to contact the sellers and return the coins.  This couple are the owners of Clarrisa’s Kitchen and Catering in Columbia, SC.

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