Myrtle Beach Diver Recovers Honeymooner’s Heirloom Wedding Band

The honeymooners thought the ring was gone forever. But Donnie Constransitch didn't give up!

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This week’s stories:

Donnie Constransitch is a diver who uses his time, equipment and skills to help find things that end up lost in the water.  Most recently newlyweds Molly and John Poley were here at the beach enjoying their honeymoon when John dropped his wedding band into the water at Broadway at the Beach.  The ring was an heirloom.   After 2 searches, the couple gave up hope of recovering it.   Donnie didn’t though.  He went back for another go….. and found it. Third time’s a charm.  The conditions were more difficult because of more than usual metal debris in the water.   You can see more of Donnie’s adventures on his Facebook, Water Dingo Diving.

A Harvard grad gives removes her cap and gown and places them on her mom graduation day. to show her appreciation.

A stray dog in the country of Georgia has been working as an unpaid crossing guard.  Whenever kids cross a certain road by a park, he barks at cars to stop and basically herds the kids across the street.  He’s apparently been doing it for years, but the website The Dodo just did a story on him.

A 16-year-old from Ohio named Sam Short has been fighting cancer of the spine since 2018.  And check out how tough this kid is:  When Make-a-Wish reached out, he said he wanted to go to boot camp.  Seven Marines trained him for two days.  He did obstacle courses, a swim test, and even the final “Crucible” challenge all Marines go through.  If he couldn’t do something, they all did it together as a team.  And they made him an honorary Marine at the end.

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