How to Find Your Cup of Tea on Carolina A.M.

Greg and Audra sort through 8 varieties of tea to help you find your perfect cup!

These hot summer days are perfect for a cool treat like iced tea.  It’s a treat loaded with benefits and there are many types and flavors to choose from.  Greg and Audra sort through the varieties to find your cup of tea.  Consider the tea with benefit and taste you seek.  According to a Bon Appetit and Shape magazine writer, if caffeine is what you’re after, black tea contains the most at 47 milligrams.  That’s about half the amount in coffee.  It has a rich source of theaflavins which may help lower blood cholesterol.  Oolong is a traditional Chinese and has the second most amount of caffeine. The benefits are similar to those in black tea but with a lighter taste.  Masala chai is a black tea infused with spices like cardamom,  nutmeg and cinnamon.  Green tea has about half the caffeine of black tea but it’s going to give you more disease-fighting compounds. It may also boost metabolism and improve insulin sensitivity. Matcha tea is made from whole green-tea leaves ground into a fine powder then mixed with hot water.  It has three times more anti-oxidants and more caffeine.  Your dentist would probably tell you to choose white tea. It has a high level antioxidants that has oral-health benefits including plaque prevention.  It doesn’t stain teeth. The taste is light and has a small amount of caffeine.  White tea is harvested in buds.  Chamomile tea is a herbal, caffeine-free tea which makes it popular for a night-time tea.  Hibiscus tea is also caffeine-free  It has a fruity and somewhat of a sour taste.   It has high levels of anti-oxidants and  has a way of helping things move around, meaning too much could have a laxative effect.