Hartsville Man Creates Non-Profit that Loans Action Track Wheelchairs to Others with Spine Injuries

A high-tech $15,000 wheelchair allowed Jacob Beisecker to enjoy things like hunting again. He wanted to others do the same, so he created "Waymakers Off-road Wheelchairs," and now loans them out!

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Three years after graduating from Clemson, Jacob Beisecker became a paraplegic after a hunting accident.  Since that day in 2020, he has started an organization to rise money for purchasing off road wheelchairs for others with spine-injuries.   During his physical therapy journey he spent 5 months at the Shepherds Center in Atlanta where one day when a therapist showed him the an action track chair.  Jacob said the chair was a game changer. The chair offered him the ability to get back to the things he loved like hunting.  A base model is about $15,000.  Jacob was able to find a second-hand one later.  The chair has made such a difference to him he wanted to be able to help others.  He created a non-profit called Waymakers in January 2022. Family and friends helped have been helping him raise funds to get a few chairs to loan out to others.  They have three and expecting a fourth one this week.  As a result, anyone can reach out to them to borrow a chair when they need it.    Those individuals will be able to enjoy things like a boy scouts trip, vacation to the beach, a day at the race, or an outdoor wedding.   In the photos you can see a man enjoying a NASCAR race and meeting driver Tony Stewart.  One of Waymaker’s greatest joys was being able to offer the chair to a bride for an outdoor wedding.  There is a fundraising drive going on right now, where one lucky donor will have the opportunity to win $250.   Visit the Facebook page “Waymaker Off-road Wheelchairs” for more details.  To reserve a chair, visit the website by clicking here.  They even can arrange to have one delivered if you don’t have a way of picking it up.  To read more about Jacob Beisecker’s story, visit the web page, Waymakeroffroadwheelchairs.com

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