Driver’s Ed Teacher Helps Disabled Woman Drive for First Time on 64th Birthday!

A drivers education teacher at West Florence High School, helped make a colleague's sister's birthday wish come to life with a drive around the school's parking lot.

These are our Carolina Kindness stories this week:
A drivers education teacher at West Florence High School, Coach Suggs, helped make a colleague’s sister’s birthday wish come to life. Meet Marian Cupit, she is the sister of the school nurse at West Florence High School.   Marian has been disabled most of her life from a brain tumor and wanted to experience what it felt like to drive a vehicle.  When Coach Suggs heard about this, he helped make that wish come true.  For her 64th birthday Marian got her wish.   Thanks to the best driver’s education teacher ever, Marian got that first-ever drive around the school’s parking lot.
A bunch of high school students in central Virginia are in the news after they elected two kids with Down syndrome prom king and queen.  It all started when a few students decided to make it happen and began a campaign And when when they won, everyone in the room went nuts.  As you can see  Both Queen Anna and King Zane are now enjoying the perks of their new role.  Anna says her favorite part was the dancing.  For Zane it was the crown.  
Two sisters who were on the receiving end of kindness more than 20 years ago from a stranger say that one act helped change the course of their life.  Ayda Zugay was just 12 when she and her sister were refugees fleeing the former Yugoslavia.  As they were getting off the plane a woman named Tracy handed her an envelope.  When she later opened it it contained this note with a pair of earrings and $100 in cash.  The money helped feed them for an entire summer and is still shaping the way both sisters live their lives 23 years later.  They have held onto the letter hoping to find the stranger who signed the note as Tracy.  Hope not just to find Tracy, “but to show that a small act of welcome really has the power to change the course of someone’s life.”  If you have information that may help Ayda find Tracy you can email
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