Pedaling for a Cure…Plus, an Adorable and Unlikely Friendship…These are Our Carolina Kindness Stories

We pause on each Wednesday to observe all the good around us from around the world to our backyards.

We’ve partnered with Maguire Law Firm to bring you Carolina Kindness.
Al and Terry Reszel have traveled 12,000-miles and raised over $32,000 dollars for breast cancer research. It’s in support of breast cancer research foundation and Pink Pedals 4 ACure, also known as Terry’s Ride. Al who is 63 is trekking 5,000 on the east coast, while his wife Terry who is a breast cancer survivor started in San Diego. They are cycling to meet in New York City. This week, Al rode through Myrtle Beach on his way and even stopped to take questions and pictures.
Kindness comes in the form of saying thank you. One little girl has gotten to know the guy who works in produce over the years from her grocery store trips with mom. Today, she is taking him a picture to show her gratitude for a bike that he bought her. Really two acts of kindness in this story.
There’s nothing like a father’s love. Lauren Miller shares her story about her dad’s love notes. Since she was kid, Lauren’s dad would send her a postcard from all of his travels from the Million Man March to when he had dinner with Nelson Mandela…She even has one he wrote her when she was working for him making $2 an hour. But it’s this one that Lauren may love the most…the one he wrote just to say that he loved her and that he liked her as a person. Lauren is now her dad’s care giver. She had forgotten about all these cards until one day he handed them to her with a grin.
We invite you to do something kind today, whether it’s an act of service or just a kind word, your one deed has the potential to change lives. We also invite you to share your story with us. Email it to Then join us Wednesday mornings for Carolina Kindness sponsored by Maguire Law Firm.